Supervision for Field and Frontline Staff

In line with good practice, many practitioners in the helping professions from MHPSS staff to counsellors and support workers seek supervision with an external mental health professional.


In supervision we create a safe space to discuss wellbeing as well as challenging cases and difficulties arising in the workplace to increase self-awareness, support safe practice, retain staff and ensure practitioners’ wellbeing.


Supervision sessions are usually held monthly individually or in small groups. Time will be spent to get to know the organisation to offer effective solution focused and bespoke support.

Fees to be discussed.

'Through supervision I was able to discover myself tand increase my self awareness, which improved my counselling skills with clients. I was able to help them identify and name their emotions and body reactions.' 

Vastine (Clinical Psychologist, Uganda)

'I learned a lot from my colleagues in this group and developed my confidence starting as a volunteer to now being on staff as a social worker and therapist.'

Geshau (Social Worker, Iraq)

'The supervisor showed a lot of cultural competence which made me feel comfortable and understood. It became possible for me to speak about ourselves and personal conflict as well.'

Sheima (Psychologist, Iraq)

'Supervision brought perspective and thinking to our cases. Through the warmth of our supervisor we were able to become vulnerable with the group, build trust and share laughter.'

Mohamed  (Psychotherapist, Iraq)



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